Dive-In Science

Short course to equip struggling students with skills that promise immediate improvement.

Our Dive-In Science programme is a short programme aimed at achieving a quick-win for students who are constantly falling behind in their science results and are looking for a way to break through and improve.

Ideal for students who urgently need help because exams are round the corner, especially PSLE students – whose learning effectively finishes within the first half year. Many students enter their 6th year still unable to accurately attempt previously learnt topics, but time is then a major problem.


This course is aimed at:

- Re-teaching their knowledge of science, covering topics learnt in school.


- Re-learning how they attempt their science papers.


- Correcting what they think they know about science.


- Enforcing the right ways they answer their questions.


- Recalling and re-forming their memory of concepts.



There are many centres with dedicated programmes that are meant to enforce students’ knowledge of Science and Science exams. However, they are mainly focused on familiarising students with scientific knowledge and concepts, and clearing up any difficulties in understanding.

We approach this by questioning:

- What about students who have problem just keeping up with school work?


- What if your child does not have enough foundation to compete with the top students?

- Would those extra practice just reinforce the same mistakes and wrong concepts?

This course aims to ensure that struggling students are able to finally make their grades, rather than simply help good students get better.

Our goal and main difference here lie in the fact that we lean towards re-establishing students’ understanding of the subject and knowledge of their topics. Through a new approach, students gain new understanding when they can identify concepts through their own efforts. We aim to renew their confidence in the subject and make them more motivated by first showing them that they too have a chance to reach higher without the struggles that they have always had.

What we are offering is a different approach. One that is aimed at the root of a child’s lagging grades.


Through our experience and research, one thing stands out: children that have not been able to make any significant improvement in their Science papers, or have been struggling to pass, simply are not equipped with the proper skills and understanding of how to tackle Science exams. Many of them have, in fact, tried diligently noting and memorising the concepts taught in class – hence, we are not here to simply present the Science syllabus all over again.

Instead of focusing on the prescribed textbook knowledge, we re-structure their learning by Diving past that and approaching it inside-out: through question deconstruction, before correcting their misconceptions.

For example:









Tailored to help even students who require quick and immediate help, students do not need to worry about committing to a long-term supplementary coursework - good for students who are not too keen on spending extended sessions on the subject. If students are keen, and have the luxury of time, they can reinforce learning by coming back again on another session because the course can be repeated over the year.

Sessions will consist of:

- Filtering misconceptions through exposure to focused questions.


- Developing proper exam habits like deconstructing set questions.


- Applying knowledge of topics to different questions.


- Reviewing skill-based questions like charts, graphs, scientific observations.


- Intensive concept recalls on major topics.